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Dual Pro Sole Memory Comfort Support Insole

Brand: FootSoothers
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FootSoothers are proud to announce our newest addition to our Sole Memory insoles range. The Sole Memory insoles are made out of amazing soft mouldable but firm Memory foam.

These are especially enhanced with a dual memory pro density pads. They have been designed by us to provide supreme comfort in all situations.

These insoles can help with the following conditions:

These insoles really will provide long term comfort no what what you are doing. The back heel half of the insoles are designed to "cuddle" and foot sooth your foot to provide excellent support in your arches and comfort on your heels in times of need.

In developing this product we found that people wanted to wear insoles for long periods of time therefore we added breathable sections that contour your foot in order to allow long term duration periods of wear.

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