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Foot Soothers Magnetic Therapy Gel Insoles Metatarsal Heel Pain Ache Relief

Brand: FootSoothers
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Get instant relief with FootSoothers® new Magnetic Insoles made of high quality super-soft TPR gel material and soft velvet upper fabric

Designed with strong 6 x 1800 gauss magnets embedded in the gel to provide you the soothing therapy you need on your feet

Magnets are embedded within the gel insole so you won’t feel the magnet.

Great for all sufferers of arthritis, gout, heel spurs, calluses or anyone recovering from a sports or work injury.

Foot magnetic reflexology involves applying magnetic field to certain reflexology nerve zones located in the foot.

When reflexology points are stimulated through magnetic field the energy and blood circulation are improved leading to better well-being

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