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Hallux Valgus Bunion Pro Correction Splint Straightener Corrector

Brand: FootSoothers
Availability: In Stock
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  • The splint is a resting splint, for both day and night time use
  • It applies a 3-point pressure system to relieve the hallux valgus deformityflexible
  • It helps to adjust the big toe to prevent valgus
  • Comfortably bend in the bone and toe
  • The double-layer tape foot central arch state stable
  • Adjustable in bone pad to ease the pressure of the toe joint, and to maximize the scattered pressure
  • It is extremely comfortable to wear and is adjustable to ensure maximum user comfort and support
  • Arch support design to relief forefoot stress
  • One fits left or right toe
  • Material: medical grade material

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